Eğitim Hizmetlerimiz Danışmanlık Hizmetlerimiz Tanıtım ve Organizasyon Hizmetlerimiz

About Us

Parantez Training, is founded by Yavuz Güven with the aim of sophisticating an awareness and life-long skills with the service it provides.

Our Vision

Being the best synergy creating center between all stakeholders in Turkish Education world by sharing with the schools, student, teacher and parents with the same vision, starting from the elementary education to future planning of the students, teachers and adults’s professional, personal and social enhancement.

Our Mission

Performing studies in order to meet the demand and necessities to communicate and connect the stakeholders in education world, organising programs for adults’ professional and personal enhancement, helping students to take the best decisions for their academic career after assessing their skills and talents, using the technology and human resource effectively and leading team works in order to have a sustainable develeopment by combining our professionalism with our experience.



Speed Reading

Target of the Training

With the help of speed reading techniques, to enhance the attendant’s concentration, holistic perception, reading speed and reading performance.


• Speed-Reading as a strategic and competitive element

• Individual Performance Measurement

• Process of reading and understanding

• Eye-Brain Potential

Memory, Brain, Intellect Training (Cognitive Enhancement)

Our brain is the most efficient and powerful computer in the world. Together with that we can enhance its capacity with correct methods and approaches.

We can sharpen our memory, enhance our creativity and reach our peak performance in order to keep pace with today’s accelerated professional and personal daily-life.

Training Method

• Audio-Visual Presentation

• Physical and Cognitive Exercises

• Workshop Exercises

• Off-course exercises and follow-up

Eloquent & Fluent Speech

Talking eloquent, fluent and correct sppech is not a born-with talent. Everybody can enhance it.

Expressing ourselves better in professional and personal life and explaining the work we do can enhance our sucess.

Academic & Social Consultancy

• Personal Enhancement

• School Life ( Academic and Social)

• Shaping the future



• Ege University Continuing Education Center

• Dokuz Eylül University

• Bosphorus University Alumni

• Maltepe University

• Okan University

• VKV Koç Elementary And High School

• Izmir Turkish College

• TED Istanbul College

• Kültür2000 High School

• War Colleges Command

• Turkish Air Force School and Command of Technical Education

• Kuleli Military High School

• Command of Naval High School

• Air Force School

• Ugur Private Teaching Institution

• Final Private Teaching Institution

• Istek Schools

• Isik Schools

• Terakki Foundation Schools


• Is Bankasi General Management of Training

• Garanti Bankasi

• Yapi Kredi Bankasi

• Limango

• Izmir Municipality

• KALDER (Association of Quality Turkey)

• BMC (One of the biggest company in Turkish Automotive Industry)